OB/GYN Negligence Complaints Lacking Reporting & Tracking Plan

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Medical malpractice mistakes are made by physicians and nurses who provide medical care to patients in a variety of settings. In an effort to combat these errors it is important to know what they are, which is why complaint tracking and reports are essential.

According to the results of a recent two year investigation on medical malpractice, which was conducted by several journalists and Ryerson University (Toronto, Ontario), this issue, of complaint tracking and reporting was common with obstetricians and gynecologists' physicians.

An effective complaint reporting and tracking system can be beneficial in multiple ways. In addition to making it easy for those who suffered injuries at the hand of medical professionals to know where to register a complaint, it would provide a way for patients to research various medical practitioners before selecting one. In addition, it could also reveal patterns of negligence surrounding certain physicians.

OB/GYN errors could result in injuries to a woman, a baby, or both. The injuries could be temporary in nature or in more serious situations, have a lifelong impact. They can be the result of a failure to diagnose or due to actions taken by a doctor or nurse while caring for a woman or a pregnant woman and her baby.

While there is nothing that can be done to undo the injuries that have already been sustained (aside from legal action), there is an opportunity to educate women on the mistakes that obstetricians and gynecologists have made, which begins with accurate complaint reporting and tracking.

Those who have been impacted by medical mistakes can decide to take legal action against the responsible parties. However, to avoid future issues we must take complaints seriously.


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