The Ontario Trial Lawyers Association recently announced their 2011-2012 Board of Directors elected at the Annual General Meeting. And... CHARLES GLUCKSTEIN, OF GLUCKSTEIN & ASSOCIATES LLP is the new VICE PRESIDENT OF OTLA!

Congratulations to Charles for your years of dedication to OTLA and to the legal community. Charles has served on many committees, is known for the presentations he gives at seminars, conferences and for the quality time he spends with his clients. This year is the 20th anniversary year of OTLA.

The Ontario Trial Lawyers Association was formed in 1991 by lawyers acting for Plaintiffs. The purpose of OTLA is to promote access to justice for all Ontarians and advocate for the rights of those who have suffered injury and losses as the result of wrongdoing by others. OTLA also advocates for safety initiatives such as Helmets on Kids. To learn more about OTLA, visit their website.



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