OTLA CUP 2014 - London, Ontario


OTLA CUP 2014 Pictured is the OTLA Cup which has been donated by Derek Nicholson of Beament Green/Nicholson Read.

The original OTLA Cup was lost several years ago. This cup is being recreated with past winners' names being mounted on the Cup in anticipation of the upcoming OTLA Cup competition.

The upcoming OTLA Cup competition will be held on the 1st of March, 2014 at the Court House in London, Ontario. Mr. Justice Andrew Goodman will be presiding as the Moot Court Judge.

Thanks to his kind participation, law students will experience first hand dealing with a Superior Court Judge in a Court environment. Our hats are off to Mr. Justice Goodman and Maria McDonald of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Office. As Chair of the OTLA Cup, Derek Nicholson will be hosting the ceremonies.


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