Ottawa's 17th Annual Lawyer Play a Great Success!!

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Sig Pantazis - Beament Hebert Nicholson Ottawa's 17th Annual Lawyer Play

The County of Carleton Law Association and the Great Canadian Theatre Company [GCTC] have wrapped up Ottawa's 17th annual Lawyer Play, and it was a giant hit. Approaching a record for ticket sales, over $130,000 was raised. To date, the annual event has hauled in over $1.4 million dollars for charity.

I was fortunate enough to be part of this year's play, my fourth GCTC Lawyer Play and fifth theatre fundraiser for charity if you include Ian Stauffer's "A New Paradise" earlier this winter, benefiting the Ottawa Mission. This year featured over two dozen actors from the legal community including articling students, paralegals, lawyers and judges. Many of these (present company excluded) are incredibly talented individuals with backgrounds in theatre.

The GCTC provides the director, stage managers, set designers, costume designers and technicians to make the play look good. Not enough can be said for the incredible job they do with a sea of armatures who argue for a living.

This year's play was "The Mouse that Roared;" a play about [SPOILER ALERT] a tiny European country who attempts to provoke America into a war over wine sales and by fluke captures the most destructive bomb ever created by man. A comedy.

Every year the Lawyer Play Committee selects a different charity partner, and this year it was SALUS, an Ottawa charity that provides essential services and housing to those with severe mental disabilities.

It was such an absolute pleasure to work with a great cast and crew; a huge thank you to all who helped put it on and to those who came to enjoy the show!


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