Our Valentine's Day Tribute to Love

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There is little doubt that having a partner who has experienced a brain injury can place a unique strain on a relationship. Given the extra love and patience that is required to make these marriages work, we would like to extend a Tribute this Valentine's Day to a couple whose love has never faltered.

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A decade ago, Shawn was critically injured when a truck crashed into his vehicle at an intersection. Shawn suffered life-threatening chest and brain injuries. Nancy was pregnant at the time and from that point their lives would never be the same.

After years of vigorous rehabilitation and tremendous adjustment, both of which continue to this day, Shawn and Nancy got married and now live in Kingston with their three wonderful children.

Shawn and Nancy are also very involved with advocating for an "Accessible Kingston" and are working to make accessible travel a reality for everyone

Today and every day, we raise our glasses in a toast to Nancy and Shawn - Happy Valentine's Day!

From your Friends at Gluckstein Lawyers

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