Paralegal Power: CCLA Paralegal Education Day

Helen Valentine - Beament Hebert Nicholson -CCLA Paralegal Education Day

Helen Valentine - Beament Hebert Nicholson -CCLA Paralegal Education Day

On Saturday October 1, 2016, several members of the Beament team had the pleasure of assisting with this year's edition of the Paralegal Education Day. The program was of interest to paralegals and lawyers alike, and packed with useful tips for Small Claims Court and Landlord Tenant Board matters. Deputy Judge Rohan Bansie provided an entertaining and informative set of recommendations for Small Claims Court motions. Administrative Deputy Judge Ian Stauffer's presentation brought the audience up to date on the trial management procedures being implemented at the Ottawa Small Claims Court, particularly for trials projected to last more than a day. Jessica McClay walked the audience through the online filing procedures now available for Plaintiff's Claims in the Small Claims Court. These procedures are still in their infancy after a 2014 pilot project, but can be very useful for claims that are likely to proceed directly to default judgment. You can see Jessica's PowerPoint presentation here (for information only; not to be relied upon). The balance of the day's proceedings focused on practice at the Landlord Tenant Board. Linda Ann Markell of the LTB briefed the audience on the value of the pre-hearing dispute resolution procedures available through the LTB. Michael Thiele and Trevor Jacquard gave an overview of their procedures for preparing for LTB hearings and conducting advocacy at the LTB, and then acted as counsel for a mock hearing. Former LTB Member Greg Joy acted as adjudicator and provided his commentary. Sig Pantazis and Jessica McClay stepped into the respective shoes of a tenant, upset at being evicted and losing his belongings, and a landlord, upset about late rent. Helen Valentine, the licensed Paralegal at our firm, is a member of the hard-working Paralegal Educational Committee. Beament Hebert Nicholson LLP extends congratulations to the Committee on another successful event.


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