Parents may Receive Compensation when Children are Injured

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The most important thing for any parent or guardian is the safety and well being of their child or children. Many times children are left under the supervision of trusted adults or companies that may fail to ensure total safety for children.

Lack of proper supervision is one of the main causes of child injuries. Situations such as school trip incidents and swimming pool accidents are only two of the many that can put a child in harm's way or even lead to death. Many parents are often unsure as to whether or not they can claim for  personal injury compensation on behalf of their children. It is therefore important that parents gain substantial information on the circumstances where compensation may be possible.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pool accidents are common, whether at school or at a public pool. These accidents include slips, falls, drowning and concussions. Slips and falls are often due to the presence of wet surfaces and is a very common way to gain injury at a swimming pool. Negligence on the part of the adult responsible for the child or the maintenance staff can result in severe injury. Broken or fractured bones, spinal cord injury and concussions are just of few of the injuries that a child may incur.

In cases where a child drowns, leading to death, it is possible for the parents to receive compensation.

School Trip Accidents

Sometimes unfortunate incidents occur while a child is on a school trip. Road or amusement park accidents, slips and falls and food poisoning are all situations that may arise on a school trip, resulting in minor and severe injuries. If your child has been involved in a" car collision" and has suffered severe injury, the individual responsible for the collision (or their insurance company) is required to pay compensation for medical bills and other costs that the parent or guardian has to endure.

Amusement Park Accidents

At an amusement park, a child may be subject to injury due to faulty equipment. A child may also acquire food poisoning from a restaurant, if food is not prepared correctly or if food has expired."  In these cases the park or restaurant is liable for the injuries that the child has suffered. It is important to note that these injuries do not only occur when a child is at school or on a school trip. They may also occur when the child is out with his or her parents in a public or private place.

Other Accidents

There are also other incidents that can occur outside the school sphere that may result in minor or severe injury or even death. These include bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and accidents in public places such as a supermarket or a restaurant. Cyclists tend to be very vulnerable on the road and there are many children who use their bicycles to go to school or as a form of recreation. If a child is involved in a collision, especially with a vehicle and has not caused the accident, he or she should receive compensation."  Similarly, pedestrians are at risk of injury on a daily basis. Children have a higher risk of death or severe injury if they are hit by a motor vehicle. In many of these cases the owner of the vehicle is liable to the injured party. If your child is injured due to a pedestrian or cyclist accident, the first step should be to call 911 or drive your child to the nearest hospital. After proper medical attention has been received, a personal injury lawyer can be contacted to gain more information about compensation.

Accidents in public places such as restaurants and supermarkets include slips and falls, trip and falls, being crushed by falling shelves or displays, scalding, and food poisoning. If the child is not at fault for the injury or only partially at fault, the business place is liable to the injured party. It is evident that children can find themselves in situations similar to those of adults.

Children under the age of 18 should have a parent or guardian file a personal injury claim on their behalf. If your child or a child you know has been injured or has died due to another individual's negligence you should contact a personal injury lawyer to help you understand you rights and help you gain compensation. Contact Gluckstein Lawyers today to help you get justice.


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