Peel Helmets on Kids Community Program Educates Local Schools on Brain Safety

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June is a big month for us, as it is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Our schedule is full of incredible events raising awareness for brain safety and brain injury in our community. This week, we're pleased to be hosting The Peel Helmets on Kids Community Program as they visit local schools to teach our children about head safety.

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The Peel Helmets on Kids organizers from the Peel Regional Police, the Peel Children's Safety Village staff and Gluckstein Lawyers pose for a celebratory group photo.

Lifelong brain safety starts with early education and access to equipment

This program started in the Peel area in 2008, with the purchase of the first 500 bike helmets. Today, 10 years later, children in the Peel community continue to benefit from accessible safety equipment and education so that they can play safe and play smart.

This Gluckstein Lawyers hosted event visited a selection of elementary schools this year, which will be provided with helmets for 500 students in grades 3 and 4. Each of the children who participate in this initiative will be part of a 25-minute educational safety assembly, which will be presented by the Peel Regional Police and the Peel Children's Safety Village staff.

The helmets are given to children who would otherwise not be able to acquire them. The schools participating in the community program are:

  • Birchbank P.S.
  • Morton Way P.S.
  • Brookmede P.S.
  • Mountain Ash P.S.
  • Eastbourne Drive P.S.
  • Ridgeview P.S.
  • Fairview P.S.
  • Silver Creek P.S.
  • H.F. Loughin P.S.
  • Springfield P.S.

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Supporting an important cause

The cost of program helmets this year has been covered through generous donations from sponsors of the Set for Safety Volleyball Tournament on June 24th. Sandev Purewal of Gluckstein Lawyers is a current member on the Ontario Toronto Lawyers Association Board of Directors, and is the Past-President and Director of the Brain Injury Association of Peel & Halton (BIAPH). He is the acting representative for the Peel Helmets on Kids program.

We would like to thank the Peel Regional Police and the Peel Children's Safety Village staff for their incredible work and dedication to the Peel Helmets on Kids Community Program. We are honoured to be part of such and incredible initiative!


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