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Most individuals consider physical assault to be a criminal offense and as a result refer to criminal lawyers to plead their case. However, physical assault can also call for a personal injury lawyer.

In the case of  personal injury law, physical assault can be referred to as an unlawful attempt to inflict physical harm or threaten an individual's life. This could be anything from hitting, shaking, biting, burning or any other action that harms your body. Physical assault can be work related, domestic; assault against adults or children or otherwise. There is no age limit on physical assault. It is important therefore to note signs, examples and types of physical assault in order to protect yourself, relatives or individuals that you may know. It is also critical to have knowledge on physical assaults in order to receive compensation.

The less serious types of assault can act as signs to get yourself or someone you know out of a situation. These types include forms of provocation; insults and threats and terrorization; making a fist or stalking. It is possible, depending on the intensity of threats and intimidation, to contact a personal injury lawyer.

More serious types of physical assault are those which may result in injury. Physical attacks, fights and other forms of violence, bruises, dislocated and fractured bones and other injuries and the use of weapons to force or threaten an individual are the more severe physical assaults.

Some examples of physical assaults:

  1. A store is being robbed and an individual uses a gun to scare others present and keep them hostage. This can be seen as a death threat; use of weapon.
  2. A parent continuously beats his or her child, leaving the child with bruises or injury.
  3. An individual raises their fist to threaten another
  4. A teacher pushes child out of his or her way intentionally because he or she dislikes the child

These are just a few examples of physical assault that can be related to real life situations. Victims of physical assault do not only have to endure physical pain such as injuries or permanent reminders of assaults such as bruises and scars, but they also have to endure psychological distress. This includes insomnia, nervousness and fatigue. Physical assault victims may never return to full normalcy because of the detrimental impact the assault has on their lives.

It is important to note that there are certain situations that may hinder the victim from receiving compensation from the assaulter."  If for instance, the assaulter claims that the victim gave his or her consent to possibly get hurt, the victim may not receive compensation. These cases include an individual's agreement to participate in a football game or paintball activity. Also, if the assaulter has some sort of authority; a police officer or security guard has the right to use reasonable force against another individual. In this case the victim may not receive compensation. The assaulter may in some cases claim self defense. They may argue that they used force or threatened the victim because the victim used an equal amount of force or threatened them prior. This may alter the victim's chances of receiving compensation. There is a lot more to physical assault than individuals know. It is important, if you or someone you know are victims of physical assault that you"  contact a personal injury lawyer to help provide you with the information you need and with compensation.


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