Professional Care: Preventative Collegiality & Self-Care Strategies- 2010 Toronto Compassion Fatigue Seminar

Join Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers in a one-day seminar and workshop related to self-care, wellness, burnout and compassion fatigue. Our speakers for the day are Dr. Gabor Mate, physician, author, seminar leader and public speaker, and Francoise Mathieu, a certified mental health counsellor and compassion fatigue specialist.

Compassion Fatigue is "the profound emotional and physical erosion that takes place when helpers are unable to refuel and regenerate."
(Francoise Mathieu, 2008)

Caring for patients, clients and their families takes a heavy emotional toll on health care professionals and caregivers. This seminar will provide tips and strategies for coping with these stresses and will teach the importance of a work-life balance and relaxation. The Compassion Fatigue Seminar will take place on Friday, October 29, 2010 at the Renaissance Skydome Hotel (Rogers Centre) from 8 am-4 pm.

Remember, it's okay to take care of yourself too! Sometimes you do have to put yourself first, in order to help others later.


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