Concussion: Protecting Yourself From Workplace Injuries

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The Public Health Agency of Canada predicts that by 2031, the incidence of hospitalization for concussion-related reasons will increase. The agency estimates that numbers will rise by 28 percent in comparison to 2011. With workplace accidents on the rise, how can workers protect themselves?

Safety In The Workplace Is Everyone's Duty

The stats issued by the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board found that in 2012, there were 1,644 workplace injury claims filed compared to 790 claims in 1996. It's paramount that workers need to protect themselves and be protected.

Provincial law imposes an obligation on employers to implement work safety procedures. The Occupational Health and Safety Act also places responsibility on supervisors and employees to ensure workers obey such procedures.

Compliance is especially important in order to prevent head and brain injuries around heavy machinery and equipment or dangerous locations such as construction sites.

Workplace Safety Tips

Employees can use these useful reminders to keep their heads and other body parts safe at work:

  • Always wear a helmet or hard hat when operating heavy machinery
  • Comply with employee training requirements
  • Report defective equipment to your supervisor
  • Use protective gear, as required by your employer

It's wise to exercise care and caution at work. Constant vigilance can help prevent injuries and protect employees safe from avoidable harm.

This is the time to encourage both employers and employees to be safety conscious at work. By taking all proper precautionary measures, we can all do our part to help prevent head and brain injuries for both ourselves and our fellow workers.


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