Rain, Rain, Go Away! 5 Driving Tips for Icy Conditions!

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Rain, rain, rain, and more rain. That's what our skies have been giving us for the past few days with some snow. This winter has seemed incredibly long, and cold, although we have had some mild days.

While we enjoy our mild days, we also face the danger of melting snow and puddles from the rain. Let us not forget those lovely episodes of freezing rain we have experienced as well. We have had to prepare ourselves to learn to drive on ice this winter.

We have by now, hopefully, become experts on tackling icy our icy driveways and sidewalks, now we must continue to focus on driving safely in these slippery conditions.

While many people do install winter tires on their cars, there are still some people who continue to use All Season Tires. Well, what can we say about All-Season Tires? All Season Tires = No Particular Season in Mind Tires. It's true. These tires are not geared towards any particular season.

Think about it, these are the tires you use in the summer. Winter and Summer- two very different seasons.

If you drive a fair amount during nice weather and drive a lot in general, your tires experience wear and tear. Invest in winter tires: the treads are better, they grip the road better and they have a better stopping distance. You have to weigh in on what is more worthwhile: Safety or money?

Experts tell us that tires are the most important safety feature on your car, compared to seatbelts or airbags; if they are in good condition and are properly inflated. What can you do, you ask?

1. Purchase Winter Tires.

2. Make sure your tires have good treads, especially if your tires are being used for the 2nd or 3rd season.

3. Monitor your tires to make sure they are properly inflated.

4. Don't brake too hard- it's better to slow down early.

5. Monitor the weather for warnings such as freezing rain and temperatures dropping below zero degrees, especially after it's been raining.

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