Rate of Readmission to Hospital for TBI Higher than Previously Thought

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Readmission to hospital is relatively common after traumatic brain injury, but a study recently published in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation found that TBI patients in Ontario are re-hospitalized at significantly higher rates than were previously reported.

The study spanned eight years and examined about 30,000 TBI patients, all of whom were discharged from hospitals in Ontario. In the three years following their initial injuries, 36 per cent of those patients were readmitted to hospital. A previous study had indicated a readmission rate of about 25 per cent.

A variety of factors were found to be predictors of readmission for TBI patients. Being older, being male, having co-existing health conditions, including mental health conditions, were all linked with higher rates of re-hospitalization.

The researchers also found that the rate of readmission to hospital was actually lower for TBI patients who had been injured in traffic accidents.

According to Dr. Angela Colantonio, a senior scientist from the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute who led the study, "We know that patients with TBI resulting from motor vehicle collisions are more than 50 per cent more likely to be discharged with support services than those who sustained their injury from other causes, likely due to supplemental auto insurance."

The doctor's statement underscores the importance of obtaining early and appropriate medical treatment after a brain injury. The long-term impact of TBI must also be considered in order for patients and their families to receive the medical and financial support they need.

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