Research Focuses On New Approach For Identifying Concussions

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The brain continues to be one of the human body’s greatest mysteries. This mystery extends to the brain injuries referred to as concussions. Because concussions are not easily diagnosed with the use of common diagnostic tools such as CT scans, it is hard to determine whether someone who seeks medical attention is suffering from the injury. A new study that focuses on the use of melatonin to determine how the brains of young people who have concussion symptoms that have lingered for a month or more, are working.

To create a four-dimensional image that shows how the brain is working, the study uses melatonin in conjunction with:

  • Cognitive testing
  • MRIs
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation

Though still in the early stages, the hope is that the approach will make it easier to keep track of how the brain is responding to treatment for the injury. Already being used in another Canadian hospital, the research was recently expanded to Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

The approach might someday be used with patients of all ages who suffer brain injuries in a variety of ways. Whether someone gets a concussion in a fall, car accident or other accident, if the incident is the result of the negligence acts of another, a personal injury lawsuit could be appropriate. A lawyer who handles these types of cases can be of help in determining whether such a case makes sense and how to go about securing the largest amount of damages possible. Because there is a time during which such claims must be filed, the sooner this action is taken, the better.




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