Road To Recovery - Through Golf!

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Golf is a sport that many enjoy and for some, golf can assist on the road to recovery. Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers came across an article highlighting just that and it featured an outstanding golf team called, Team GB.

Team GB is truly unique, and is comprised of American & British servicemen who have been injured in combat. This year they won the Simpson Cup at the historic clubhouse, Royal Lytham in England. This article outlined just how important participating in the Simpson Cup was to them, They might have lost limbs, be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, been shot through the chest or neck but there was no hiding their delight at participating in the Simpson Cup.

The team members came together because of a common experience and they all shared similar attitudes after their injury and discharge from service. It was through golf that many of the team members found solace. Team member, Paul Swain stated, Just like that. I became a recluse. I didnt leave the house. I didnt reply to messages. It was hard after 30 years to come to terms with losing a limb.

This is where the On Course Foundation created by John Simpson, makes a difference. The foundation organizes the Simpson Cup each year and they help injured servicemen learn how to play the sport of golf, while aiding in their assimilation back into society. Swain explained, Golf got me out of my rut, golf is everything to me.

Since golf is a sport unlike any other, where people that have difference physical competencies can compete and succeed in, it is able to positively impact these service mens lives, while aiding in their recovery.

It is because of the On Course Foundation and their establishment of the Simpson Cup that these brave men with unbelievable injuries have found a means to recover.

If you would like more information on the On Course Foundation, please visit their website

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