Safe Driving Tips: Remembering the Basics

2018.10 safe driving tips
With everyone back to the daily grind now that summer has come to an end, there may be significantly more drivers out and about during the day. For experienced drivers, they may feel comfortable behind the wheel, and let a few safe driving practices slide from time to time. But all drivers should remember to follow safe driving procedures every time they set out on the road. It just takes a slight miscalculation for an accident to occur.   Avoiding Collisions On The Road In an article published earlier this year by CTV News, a driving instructor consulted by the network said that he dislikes the term "accidents". He felt that accidents are unavoidable, but that many collisions are avoidable because they are caused by some kind of "driver error or inattention". While his opinion may be viewed as controversial, it was not backed up by any hard data in the article. The driving instructor did provide driving tips that may reduce the likelihood of a collision.

Remember Passing Your Driver's Test? When we've been driving for a number of years, we may have let one or two safe driving practices slip every now and again. We may not always signal when we switch lanes. We may not always come to a full and complete stop at Stop signs or crosswalks. As drivers, we all had to demonstrate a thorough comprehension of driving rules to obtain our licence. It's this knowledge that instructors are urging us not to forget, even if we have been driving for decades. Adjusting mirrors, keeping a safe distance between cars, making proper left-turns - these rules are in place because they reduce the chances of collisions on the road. Following tips and advice can help you reduce the risk of an accident. But it doesn't always guarantee safety. Should you find yourself injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident, consult a legal professional to learn what legal action you can pursue.   Comments We would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts about children's safety in "Leave a Comment" found below. Links >> Slow Down, Move Over, Potentially Save a Life Source:


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