SickKids - Halloween DIY Costumes

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Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers were very excited to bring a little bit of Halloween fun to the children at Sick Kids this year!

We were fortunate to be involved in an initiative this year to help outfit some of the kids with adorable and accessible Halloween costumes. Neuro-connect provided the costumes with the help of DM Promotions, who came up with unique ideas for each costume. Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers was proud to sponsor this program.

Last week, CityLine did a wonderful segment called, Halloween costumes for the whole family! It was an interesting segment featuring how to make your own Halloween costumes and it showcased two of the children from Sick Kids in their marvellous costumes.

If you would like to watch this segment please visit the link for online access to the video:

We hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween this year!




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