Situations In Which A Slip And Fall Might Occur

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Readers may be aware that property owners have the responsibility to keep properties safe from hazardous conditions that could result in a visitor suffering an injury. While there are countless ways in which someone could be hurt one of the most common is in a slip and fall accident. When someone is hurt in an incident of this nature, that person may be able to seek damages via a lawsuit.

Slip and falls can occur in multiple situations. The first involves escalators or elevators. It is possible that a fall could occur if body parts or clothing is caught in a portion of the machine. Sudden movements in the machinery that are unexpected could also cause someone to fall. Keeping escalators and elevators in good repair is a must for property owners. The failure to do so could lead to a lawsuit.

Staircases are another location in a building where a visitor could be involved in a slip and fall if the stars are not well maintained. Poor maintenance could include a broken or missing handrail, stairs that are slippery due to their finish or having recently been polished or waxed, debris on the steps or rounded or worn steps. If the owner of the property is aware of, or should have been aware of the issues, the injured individual might secure compensation via a lawsuit.

Slippery floors can also lead to injuries. Here again the surface could be slippery as a result of its finish, or excessive polish or wax. Standing water could also be to blame. If warnings of the hazardous conditions are not provided and someone gets hurt, the person who is hurt could seek compensation via a lawsuit.

A fall could also occur on floors that are covered with mats, rugs or carpet if there are ragged edges, worn spots, holes or areas where the floor covering is bulging, and someone trips. Individuals, who are hurt as a result of the way in which a property is maintained, could benefit from contacting a lawyer who handles occupiers’ liability cases.

These cases can be complicated and the sooner one contacts a lawyer, the better.



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