Smart App Increases Independence For Brain-Injured Persons

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An exciting, new smart app on the horizon is an emerging technology designed to help brain-injured persons boost their independence and quality of life.

The smart app "Brain In Hand" was developed by researchers in the UK and is now being tested on participants aged 18 to 65. While Brain in Hand was originally designed with the Autistic population in mind (Autism is technically a neurological/brain disorder/disability that is not acquired), the app is finding success in people that have acquired brain conditions, including stroke and trauma patients.

Hope For Canadians With Brain Injury

Canadians have reason to be interested in the new technology. According to Brain Injury Canada, 160,000 persons each year in our country sustain brain injuries. Fifty percent of these result from falls or motor vehicle accidents and thirty percent involve children and youth injured in sports and recreational activities. Brain In Hand's web-based software is easily accessible through a computer, tablet or smart-phone. The app's functionality facilitates tasks of daily life for users, with features including:

  • a diary and notes to help users remember tasks, appointments, routines, and activities;
  • coping strategies on demand, helping the user instantly access their pre-planned solutions to overcome challenges and meet their goals;
  • an anxiety monitor that tracks users' feelings with their activities - a potentially valuable source of data for future activity planning;
  • red emergency button to instantly send a request for help of the user's chosen, designated support person.

The emerging technology could be the next step in helping brain-injured persons gain increased independence while easing the strain on primary caregivers and clinical support staff.

Gluckstein Injury Lawyers are excited about any new developments that could increase the well-being of injured persons. Our staff is ready to provide professional and caring legal support for you or loved ones after a brain injury.


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