Spotlight on Trauma and Neurosurgery...and a man named John

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St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto is a hospital that specializes in critical illnesses, traumas, head injuries and complex brain injuries and readily takes on challenges in saving lives. In January of 2007, Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers proudly sponsored a new ICU Waiting Lounge at St. Michael's Hospital in the new Neuro-Trauma Intensive Care Unit.

Providing our support as a donor to St. Michael's Hospital's new Trauma Neuro Intensive Care Unit was a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community... We look forward to opportunities in sponsoring other initiatives of St. Michael's and other hospitals that are involved in providing trauma care to the residents of Ontario. Our commitment in helping is ongoing. - Charles Gluckstein

How fitting it is then, that one of Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyer's own clients, John E. was recently featured in an article posted on St. Michael's Hospital's website.

John came to St. Michael's Hospital after a serious motor vehicle accident. He was treated for a traumatic brain injury, facial fractures, shattered left arm, broken ribs and a broken rib. He underwent several major procedures. And he recovered.

John and his family believe the care they were given at the hospital contributed to his success in terms of recovery. He may not remember but happened to him, but he is grateful to be alive today and believes in the role the doctors and nurses at St. Michael's Hospital played in bringing him back.



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