Steve Rastin receives 2016 Active Transportation Award

The City of Barrie honoured Steve Rastin on November 7th, as a 2016 recipient of the Active Transportation Award. This award recognizes members of the community who have made significant contributions in support of active transportation (i.e. human-powered transportation, such as safe cycling and walking)" in the past year. Steve Rastin of Rastin & Associates (along with the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association) is recognized for his work in supporting and funding an important" local project: the Helmets on Kids program. " This program was recently featured in a" Barrie Examiner article" and is notable for" its initiative to provide hundreds of new bike helmets to Simcoe County children every year. " In 2016, Helmets on Kids" distributed 550 helmets to children in need in" our community. " The program also gave children instruction on how to ride safely and properly attach their helmet, and they learned about the importance of protecting their brain from injury, using such tools as the 'Jell-O brain'. To" date, about 30,000 helmets have been provided through the Helmets on Kids campaign to students in need throughout Ontario. " The Helmets on Kids program was initiated in 2002 as a joint project of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and the Brain Injury Association of London and Region. The importance of always wearing helmets while biking is in recognition of the fact that almost 94 per cent of children and teens who are killed in cycling accidents were not wearing a helmet, according to the Ontario Ministry of Health. The Canadian Paediatric Society reports that bicyling is a leading cause of recreational injury for children and adolescents. " Further, head injury, including traumatic brain injury, is typically the most severe injury sustained while riding a bike" and the most frequent cause of death in a biking accident." This fact highlights the" importance of ensuring that all children wear helmets while biking. Steve Rastin is proud to continue sponsorship of this important initiative in support of child and youth safety. Our goal is to continue to distribute helmets and promote bicycle safety within our community. " Given that most occurrences of" brain injury while cycling can be reduced or eliminated simply by wearing a helmet, we can have a huge impact on these life-changing injuries.


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