Summer Safety Part 1: Summer Cycling Safety Tips

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With Summer in full swing and cyclists sharing the roads, now is a good time to brush up on safety tips that will make your rides more enjoyable, safe and comfortable. Our post this week provides a few reminders that are well worth reviewing with the whole family each year.


Stay off the sidewalk

Adult cyclists should stick to the roads. Sidewalks are for pedestrians and kids learning how to ride a bicycle. Many Ontario municipalities will fine cyclists of a certain age (often 14 and above) if they are caught riding on a sidewalk. Choose your route accordingly and keep yourself, pedestrians and fellow cyclists safe.

Wear it well

Choose your outfit carefully when going for a bike ride. You wouldn't want loose clothing to get caught in the chain, wheels or other parts of a bicycle.

Headgear also matters: choose a helmet that fits your head properly and meets legislated safety standards (CSA, Snell, ANSI, ASTM British Standard or Australian Standard).

Ontario's Highway Traffic Act also mandates that cyclists 17 years of age and under must wear an approved helmet or risk being fined $75.

Bright at night

No matter the time of year, cyclists should always be visible to motorists at night. Wearing light-coloured clothing or reflective glow-in-the-dark fabric will help improve cyclists' visibility to drivers. Cyclists must also use bicycle lights from a half-hour before sunset to a half-hour after sunrise by law in Ontario.

The heat is on

Cycling in the summer means sunny, hot days. To protect against sunburns, wear sunscreen (even on cloudy days) that's SPF 15 or higher and waterproof.

Water is also critical on summer rides. Remember to ride with at water bottle at all times to avoid dehydration. It is recommended to drink a bottle of water every 20 minutes.

Being mindful of these basic tips will help ensure that you and your family enjoy summer cycling fun.


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