Symptoms Of Brain Injury May Linger, Be Hard To Identify

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Readers are likely aware that brain injuries can result in symptoms that make it difficult to function the way they previously did. An injury of this nature impacted a member of the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, several years ago. He suffered a brain injury while on a vacation nine years ago when he smashed his head on a tree trunk and had to undergo emergency surgery after suffering two seizures. In the course of the surgery a blood clot was removed.

Though he survived the incident, looking back he believes it took at least two years for him to return to normal. During that time he said he was mostly in a haze, describing it as living in a semiconscious state.

A brain injury can be a tricky injury to recover from because, as Keith Richards’ story illustrates, symptoms can linger for months and even years after the incident that caused it. Symptoms may not always be clear and the person suffering from them may not even be aware of what is going on at first. During that time great stress and strain can be placed not only on the person suffering from the injury but his or her family as well.

Understanding that situations such as the one Richards experienced can occur is the first step toward getting the support you need and deserve. Once symptoms of a brain injury are identified, whether they are physical or psychological, treatment may be secured. Regardless of the form the symptoms take, if they are the result of negligence on the part of another party, with the assistance of a lawyer who understands the impact brain injuries can have on the lives of those affected, it may be possible to secure damages for those injuries.



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