In an effort to protect our children and the general public from distracted drivers, a pledge has been created that you, your family and friends can take together to put a stop to distracted driving. This pledge is an Ontario-wide Brain Injury Awareness and Prevention Campaign, which has been termed D.O.N.T. D.O.N.T. stands for DRIVE ONLY NEVER TEXT. This movement was created to bring awareness to distracted drivers and make our roads and community a safer place to drive. Please take this pledge; I PLEDGE TO SPREAD THIS MESSAGE TO MY FRIENDS, FAMILY & NEIGHBOURS. I PLEDGE TO DRIVE ONLY NEVER TEXT ON THIS DAY FORWARD. This campaign is to remind drivers that texting/talking on a cell phone while operating a motorized vehicle can lead to serious car accidents, resulting in brain injuries or death. The Campaign is an initiative of a coalition of injury prevention advocates including the Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA), participating local community Brain Injury Associations, Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA), Southland Insurance, and Windsor Essex County Injury Prevention Coalition. The coalition is asking drivers to make a pledge to Drive Only Never Text. Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers supports this campaign and believes that it will make a difference. If we educate our children on the severity of using a mobile device while driving we have the ability to prevent accidents. If you would like to take the PLEDGE, please click here http://idontpledge.com/index.php/take-pledge/ References:
  1. http://idontpledge.com/
  2. www.biaph.com


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