TBI - Could Near-Infrared Laser Treatment Offer New Hope?

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Outside of the more conventional treatments for traumatic brain injury (TBI), patients have looked at all kinds of alternative therapies. There's animal therapy, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and more recently, transcranial near-infrared laser phototherapy. Two U.S. doctors pioneered this latter approach and now hope to conduct a large-scale study for scientific evidence to support the very positive results patients have experienced so far.

TBI: What The Therapy Involves

The treatment is only available at Colorado's Neuro-Laser Foundation - a partnership by psychiatrist Theodore Henderson and chiropractor Larry Morries.

For years, Morries had noticed that adding lasers to his standard chiropractic methods worked better to reduce lower back and joint pain in his patients. But when it came to treating the brain, lower-powered devices such as LED lights were unable to penetrate the skull. Morries began using a higher-wattage laser and found that the light was able to pass skin and bone to reach 3 cm deep into the brain without causing tissue damage.

A typical course of therapy consists of twenty sessions at forty minutes each. Within weeks, patients were noticing positive results. Over the last four years, the clinic has treated almost 100 TBI patients, with over 90% reporting improvements.

Positive Results So Far

Although the two doctors have published a handful of articles about the treatment in peer-reviewed journals, reaction by the academic community has been modest. But patients are excited about the improvements they've seen in their lives.

One U.S. marine with TBI suffered confusion, disorganization, short-term memory and cognitive deterioration. Eventually, he lost his business, house, and family. When his caregiver heard about the laser therapy, they headed for Colorado. Within weeks, the veteran felt the cognitive decline begin to slow. Even if the changes are modest, he is ecstatic:

"I have such a fantastic outlook now. We're not going to give up."

Another patient is a 36-year old car accident survivor. Within weeks of starting treatment, she reported fewer headaches, better control of her emotions and a greater sense of happiness. According to her mother, the young woman is "more energetic, more excited about life."

Another 30-year old, male patient reported improvements in his gait, sleep, and cognition. Interestingly, he also found that his speech improved even after the sessions ended.

With such positive anecdotal evidence, the doctors are optimistic, adopting the slogan "Say Goodbye To TBI" for their treatment.

Gluckstein Lawyers applauds these encouraging advancements in improving the lives of brain-injured individuals.

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