The 10th Annual Compassion Fatigue Seminar

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Discover four strategies to manage your wellness:

Educate, Create, Translate and Invigorate

Mark The Date l   October 27, 2015

Who Should Attend?

This seminar is for the "helping professional" - caregivers, social workers, nurses, rehab therapists, hospital administrators, physicians, among other healthcare professionals.

About The Seminar

When caregivers assist people who suffered injuries, compassionate professionals open their hearts and minds to their clients and patients. Gluckstein Lawyers empathizes with the expression of compassion that makes caregivers vulnerable to the profound and damaging effects of their occupation.

For ten consecutive years, Gluckstein Lawyers has presented Compassion Fatigue Seminars to support the professional development of caregivers. Please plan to attend the 10th Anniversary of the Compassion Fatigue Seminars and discover four strategies to manage your wellness.

  1. Educate:  Learn the latest research information on compassion fatigue
  2. Create:  Explore opportunities to express yourself
  3. Translate: Gain an interpretation of the concepts to choose wellness
  4. Invigorate: Laugh out loud and be energized with laughter as a life tool

Research shows us that happiness is a choice. You will be happy to make a good choice by considering attending this seminar that has sold out for years. 

Mark The Date for the Compassion Fatigue Seminar: Tuesday, October 27, 2015.

Registration for The 10th Annual Compassion Fatigue will become available soon!

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