The 2023 Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein Scholarship

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Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein is overjoyed to announce that our inaugural Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein Scholarship Program is now accepting applications.

The Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein Scholarship Award is given to a student entering a post secondary institution who has spent time in a foster home environment.

This student has overcome many obstacles and has shown resilience in the face of adversity. Focused on their future, this student is committed to creating new paths and opportunities and is excited about what lies ahead of them as they begin their post secondary journey.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

This scholarship is open to all students, 21 years of age or younger, who have spent time in a foster home environment. Candidates for this scholarship must be presently enrolled full time in a secondary school program, with the intention to begin post-secondary school (college or university) the following academic year.

Requirements of the scholarship include:

  • Full-time registration and attendance in a secondary school program in 2022/2023.
  • Proof of age (candidates must be 21 years of age or younger).
  • Copy of current academic transcripts and one year before the application date.
  • A detailed listing of extra-curricular and community activities engaged in the year of and/or one year before the application date.
  • Preparation of an essay describing the academic future the student wishes to engage in and why the student believes they should be considered for this scholarship; and
  • A written reference letter from a teacher, guidance counsellor or principal of the secondary school the applicant currently attends.

The deadline for applications to be submitted is March 24, 2023, with the recipient of the $1,000.00 scholarship being contacted no later than June 13, 2023.

To apply, please email all required materials to Diana Harris at

The Jellinek Ellis Gluckstein Lawyers team looks forward to receiving your applications!


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