The Holidays are Here! Safety Tips to Enjoy The Season

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Keeping safety in mind is the best way to ensure that the season remains a jolly one for you and loved ones. As winter sports and festive activities begin, it's easy for kids and adults alike to drop their guard. Our post this week provides a few safety tips.

Winter Play and Safety

Safety comes first. Use sport-appropriate protective gear - helmets, gloves, padding and the like. Start your game with at least ten minutes of light warm-up exercises - and that includes the all-Canadian "sport" of shovelling snow.

If you can't avoid falling, try to land on your side or buttocks and protect your head by turning it in the direction of the roll. If you or a team member becomes injured, frostbitten or hypothermia, seek shelter or medical attention immediately.

Use Ladder Safety When Decorating

Whether it's hanging lights, putting up a Christmas tree or pinning up decorations, take care whenever your feet leave the ground. Position yourself close to the spot where you are decorating. Adjust your position often rather than reaching or leaning over, as these can easily lead to a loss of balance.

At lower heights, use a step ladder instead of standing on top of furniture. If using a utility ladder outside, always set it on a hard, level surface. Check to ensure that there are no loose screws or steps, and never exceed the stated maximum load capacity. Remember that for every four feet that the ladder rises, place it one foot away from the wall.

Take It Easy When Transporting Luggage

Pack light and spread your belongings across a number of bags wherever possible. When you lift or carry luggage, take your time. Sudden lifting can lead to instant but long-lasting back, neck, and shoulder damage. Use proper lifting technique: bend your knees and lift by using the strength in your legs rather than your back. Also, avoid twisting at the spine during the movement.

Gluckstein Lawyers encourages all to remember holiday season safety, and we wish all a safe and happy holiday season.


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