The Love between TBI Survivors and Service Dogs

service dogs

Dogs have a long history as man's best friend, but some are proving to be virtual life-savers for individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Our post this week looks at a few heartwarming snippets in which service dogs have endeared themselves to TBI survivors.


Imparting Courage And A Helping Paw

Five years ago, one young woman named Janaye suffered a traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI. The incident has left her predisposed to intermittent brain bleeds. Last November, Janaye experienced yet another brain bleed and had to undergo another emergency surgery.

The furry canine that has helped Janaye to cope is Colt, her service dog. The large brown dog is her constant companion and stands by her side when she is undergoing therapy. In his company, Janaye is now having an easier time coping with rehabilitation.

With training, Colt was taught to alert Janaye to oncoming seizures and fainting spells. It's a critical service that protects her from potentially dangerous falls and mishaps.

Colt warns Janaye about 15 minutes before a seizure or fainting spell. It's just enough time to give Janaye the chance to find a place to lie down. Once his master is safe and resting, Colt then lies down himself to allow her to prop up her feet. After the spell, Colt licks Janaye's hands and face to bring her around.

Reflecting on Colt's presence in her life, Janaye calls him a "gift from God."

Dogs Accompany Soldiers With TBI and PTSD

Another population that benefits from canine companions are soldiers. Many of these suffer not only from PTSD, but also TBI.

Luis Carlos Montalvan is one. The decorated war veteran has come to depend on Tuesday, his service dog. When Tuesday senses even slight changes in his master's breathing, voice and scent, she knows it might mean an oncoming anxiety attack and she takes action to alert him.

Tuesday even reminds Montalvan to take his TBI mediation, nudging with her nose when it's time. A firm believer, the appreciative veteran now widely promotes use of service dogs.

Gluckstein Lawyers applauds such ongoing efforts to provide service dogs in bringing richness and quality of life to brain-injured individuals.


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