The Power of Persuasion: Charles Gluckstein Chairing OTLA 2011 Fall Conference

Charles Gluckstein, of Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers, Vice President of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association is well known amongst the Ontario legal community.

On Thursday November 10 and Friday November 11, 2011, Charles, along with 3 other OTLA lawyers is chairing the 2011 Fall Conference. The theme of this conference is The Power of Persuasion.

Charles is speaking at this conference on the topic, "Technology to Save Time and Money". Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers is a firm that practices in an eco-friendly manner, by using technology like Primafact, to become a "paperless office", which in turn, save lawyers time.

To view Charles' video testimonial on the Primafact website, click here. Jonathan Burton and Jan Fisher of Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers are also presenting topics during this conference. Other topics to look forward to are:

  • Fighting Insurer Fraud;
  • Underinsured Coverage;
  • Strategies for Coping with the new Accident Benefits Changes;
  • Vicarious Liability;
  • Fibromyalgia.

The keynote speaker of the event is Mark Lanier, of Lanier Law Firm, named by The New York Times as "one of the top civil trial lawyers in America".



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