The Teen Driver Guide

Default photo used for The Teen Driver Guide did a feature article on teen drivers and the risks they face while driving. Often accidents can be avoided, and this article outlined ways parents can educate their children to avoid these situations, by providing some helpful tips and solutions.

Distractions while driving are the leading cause of auto accidents, especially for teen drivers. While texting, phone calls and eating while driving are the most popular distractive habits we engage in while driving, there are other factors that cause auto accidents as well. According to a study posted last year more than 32,885 Americans were killed because of human error and 3,092 of those deaths were due to distracted drivers.

It is a known fact that bad weather also challenges driving skills and can result in auto accidents. Especially in a Canada, where the weather is unpredictable throughout the year; since we have snow, ice, fog, floods and rain storms that all challenge our driving abilities.

This article suggests that the best way to protect your children from distractions, weather and more is to educate them on defensive driving. To read ways to teach your child defensive driving in different weather conditions, please visit this article. Teaching your child defensive driving is the best way to combat unsafe driving, accidents and ultimately increasing car insurance premiums. The more you are able to educate your children on vehicle safety, the more confident they will be behind the wheel. It is this dialogue between parent and child that is most important in influencing their decisions.

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers agrees that it is essential to ensure we educate our youth on safe and defensive driving, while ensuring we continue to advocate for strict legislation on the use of distractions while driving.




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