Top 3 Mistakes Drivers Make on the Road

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According to a recent article published on, found here, there are 3 mistakes drivers are making in everyday driving.

Seasoned race car driver and racing champion, Ron Fellows was interviewed and told journalist Lorraine Sommerfield of his concerns:

1. Driving in the left lane.

2. Using the right lane as a passing lane.

3. Lack of awareness: Drivers are distracted, inattentive and unprepared.

Well, then, how many of us are guilty of the above? When we are taught to drive, our driving instructors tell us that once we have made a left hand turn, we must immediately change lanes. That was one of the keys to getting our licenses. We were also taught not to use the right lane to get ahead of other drivers, right?

Distracted driving: We can have a lengthy conversation about that! Especially with technology today and the new legislation that has been put into play for over a year now in Ontario.

Please visit our previous blog entries for further information on distracted driving. Sommerfield's article also mentions that collision fatality rates are on the decline, and mentions how this has more to do with car manufacturers implementing new technologies than drivers themselves.



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