Toronto Compassion Fatigue Seminar 2010: Transforming Stress

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October is here!

The Toronto Compassion Fatigue Seminar 2010 is fast approaching. Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers invites you to attend this dynamic 1-day workshop which will focus on compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and burn out....the emotional, physical, and spiritual exhaustion that healthcare professionals (and any professional or caregiver) can face in their personal and professional lives. Stress plays a role virtually everwhere that people interact. Recognize Stress. Prevent it. Transform it.

Three major stressors:

1. Loss of Control

2. Uncertainty

3. Conflict

Stress can take a heavy toll unless it is recognized and managed effectively and insightfully. Emotional stress undermines immunity, disrupts the body's physiological milieu and can pave the way for disease. There is strong evidence to suggest that in nearly all chronic conditions from cancer, ALS, MS to autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or Alzheimer's, hidden stress is a major predisposing factor.

So, Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers wants to know, what is in your self- care toolbox? What did you pack in your self-care lunchbox today?

Compassion, the ultimate gift, must be nourished to be sustained. To nourish work-life balance in your life:

1. Set personal limits.

2. Pace yourself.

3. Relax, rest, recover.

Regain control! Find work-life bliss!


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