Toronto Hosts the World for IBIA's 13th World Congress on Brain Injury

2018.09 ibia world congress

The IBIA World Congress on Brain Injury is the largest gathering of brain injury professionals on the globe. Each World Congress invites the participation of delegates from medical, psychological and neurological backgrounds, as well as advocates and healthcare professionals working in the brain injury field. 

2018.09 - ibia world congress

Written by Bernard L. Gluckstein, QC & Dianne Henderson

2019 World Congress to be the Largest Ever

Toronto is proud to be a first-time host of this extraordinary World Congress. Being held from March 13th-16th, 2019, the 13th IBIA World Congress on Brain Injury aims to provide opportunities for international professionals in brain injury care, recovery and research to connect and engage with their colleagues on this global platform. We are also pleased to announce that this year 32nd Annual Conference on Legal Issues in Brain Injury is partnering with the World Congress on Brain Injury for their 32nd Annual Conference on Legal Issues in Brain Injury. Taking this international event to new heights, Toronto will be welcoming both a legal and medical conference through these two internationally recognized and applauded forums. In conjunction, these two powerful events offer attendees the latest knowledge and expertise in both scientific and legal fields related to brain injury.

Education, Expertise, and Working Together for a Better Tomorrow

Top international experts who speak about brain injury science and the science of brain injury research is one of the largest draws for attendees. State of the art research is presented at the Congress, ranging from basic science to the clinical aspects of brain injury. Renowned experts offer exclusive insights into the depths of acquired brain injury and care following a traumatic event. All professionals with an interest in advancing their knowledge, expertise and standard of care for patients and clients consider the 13th World Congress on Brain Injury an invaluable tool for education, networking and deepening the level of proficiency in their skilled work.

Join Gluckstein Lawyers in Hosting the World

As a Platinum Sponsor for the 13th World Congress on Brain Injury, we also invite others to consider joining us in sponsoring and hosting the world in Toronto for this once in a lifetime global event. If you are interested in discussing this rare opportunity, please contact: Bernard Gluckstein OR Dianne Henderson Canadians are eligible for special discounted pricing to attend and/or sponsor this internationally recognized World Congress! We invite those all over Canada to join us in Toronto for this event in March 2019. We are honoured to be members of this international community, working together to improve opportunities, care and future ground-breaking research for those with acquired brain injury.


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