Travellers Tips for SCI - Part 1 of 2

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Recently one of Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyer's clients went on a cruise vacation out of Fort Lauderdale. Nancy and Shawn Watters, ABI Survivor who requires wheelchair accessibility, thoroughly enjoyed their vacation and upon return thought they would share information and tips to those travelling with Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI).

We hope that this information will provide insight, assist you and maybe even encourage you to relax and enjoy the vacation of your dreams!

Nancy and Shawn's vacation journey started in Fort Lauderdale at the Hampton Hotel, which offers a complimentary wheelchair accessible shuttle that brings you to and from both the airport and cruise port.

Once embarking onto the grand, Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas, Nancy and Shawn were amazed with how smooth this process was. If you have ever cruised before, you know that embarkation is generally a hectic and tedious process; however, Nancy and Shawn's experience with this ship was different. They were on the ship within 15 minutes and then shortly thereafter joined by the other members of their group.

When they got onto the ship they went directly to the dining room to secure their table location, which Nancy strongly recommends.

SCI Travel Tip #1:

Visit the Dining Room on embarkation day to ensure your table is close to the front, as trying to navigate through the dining room with a wheelchair can be a challenge.

Nancy and Shawn enjoyed the specialty restaurants onboard the ship including, the Seafood Shack and Johnny Rockets. They found they spent the majority of their time on the Boardwalk, as it wasn't busy and provided entertainment for their entire group (it features a children's play area, merry go round and bar).

The Watters thoroughly enjoyed their Caribbean cruise adventure! Make sure you check back in for part 2 of this two part series, which features more travel tips and information.



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