Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips for Kids of All Ages


Halloween is just around the corner! This Monday evening our neighbourhoods will be filled with little ghosts and goblins in search of candy! We would like to offer a few tips to ensure that trick-or-treating is safe and fun for everyone!


Safety Tips » For Homeowners

  1. Ensure your walkway and porch is well lit and clear of obstructions so that it is safe for trick-or-treaters.
  2. Check your walkway, porch and steps for any safety hazards that could cause trips, falls or any other injury to trick-or-treaters. Things you may want to look for include, but are not limited to, loose railings, uneven steps, uneven pavement, ice, puddles, electrical cords, etcetera. Take steps to remove these hazards or, at the very least, direct trick-or-treaters (or any visitors to your home for that matter) away from them.
  3. Make sure that all flammable materials are kept away from candles in Jack-o-Lanterns. Consider using a safer alternative to a candle such as a flashlight, a battery operated candle or a glow stick to light your pumpkin.
  4. Ensure any pets, especially ones that might get over excited and be prone to jumping or biting, be kept safe in your home and far away from trick or treaters.

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Safety Tips » For Drivers

  1. Be wary of heavier pedestrian traffic on Halloween night.
  2. Remember that children are excited and will likely disregard traffic rules. Slow down, watch for those children who may dart out into the streets without looking to see if it is safe to do so.
  3. Remember that it gets darker earlier, so be sure that you can see and be seen by checking that your headlights are in good working order.

Safety Tips »  For Parents

  1. Children's costumes should be easily visible and free from any encumbrance that might cause them to trip and fall.
  2. Ensure that a child's mask does not obstruct their eyesight.
  3. Encourage children to walk -- not run -- to avoid trips and falls.
  4. Remind children of basic traffic rules.
  5. Have a responsible adult accompany younger children while trick-or-treating.
  6. Older children should be reminded of the importance of the buddy system when trick-or-treating on their own and with friends.


To kids of all ages, Happy Haunting during this season of bats, bones, broomsticks, cackle, candy, Jack-O-Lanterns, pumpkin carving, cauldrons, cobwebs, costumes, ghosts, and all things creepy, eerie, frightening!

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