Troubling Summer...

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This is a follow-up to Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers' article about Summer Safety.

This summer has been a summer of record-breaking temperatures and a record-breaking number of drownings. Let's face it, extremely hot weather entices people of all ages to swim, creating more potential opportunities to drown. The Ontario Coroner made the decision in late July to review all drowning cases. At that point in time, approximately 75 drownings had occurred compared to the 64 that had happened by July 2009.

What Comes Next?

Dr. Bert Lauwers, acting chief coroner, will look at the demographics of the victims including age, use of alcohol and drugs, location of drowning, if there was supervision, the education level of the victims and swimming knowledge. According to the coroner's office, the number of drownings in Ontario has remained constant from 2002 to 2007; between 170 and 180 a year. It remains to be seen what the total number of drownings will be for the tortuous summer of 2010.


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