Truck Safety - Greater Awareness Needed

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Trucks share our roads with cars and other vehicles, and truck drivers always need to be alert to the dangers of accidents and other safety issues. Yesterday, truck safety was called into question with some high profile accidents on our roads.

Police forces regularly conduct safety blitzes of commercial vehicles, looking to stop trucks before they become part of or cause collisions. While the idea is not to underscore that all trucks are unsafe, police use these inspections to catch drivers who take shortcuts when dealing with their truck’s safety. Owing to the number of major accidents that involve large transport trucks, all drivers benefit by keeping unsafe vehicles off our roads.


What Can You Do to Stay Safe?

Car drivers also play a vital role in keeping our roads safe. Common mistakes that drivers make include:

  1. Not paying attention to the road
  2. Not leaving enough space between vehicles
  3. Not having enough space to stop when traffic slows down

Promoting Safe Driving for All Motorists

The Canadian Council for Motor Transport Administrators says that five people die on Canada’s roads every day, and more than 1,800 people are killed and over 10,000 seriously injured every year in road crashes. The group organizes the national day of remembrance for road crash victims to bring attention to the devastation caused by vehicle accidents.

Also, according to the Ontario Provincial Police, officers responded to over 13,000 crashes that involved large transport trucks in 2015 and 2016.

Gluckstein Lawyers cares about the safety of all drivers using our roads and encourages motorists to be alert, pay attention to the traffic around them, and know the laws of the road before getting behind the wheel.

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