We are Honoured to be included in The Best Lawyers® in Canada 2023

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Congratulations to our nine Gluckstein Lawyers who have been selected for The Best Lawyers® in Canada 2023!

We are excited to announce the addition of Jan Marin, Simona Jellinek, Erin Ellis and Derek Nicholson to the list this year, joining Bernard Gluckstein, Charles Gluckstein, Richard Halpern, David Lackman and Steve Rastin, who have had the honour of being selected by Best Lawyers in previous years.

Since it was first published in 1983, Best Lawyers® has become universally regarded as the definitive guide to legal excellence. Best Lawyers lists are compiled based on an exhaustive peer-review evaluation. Here are some highlights of the selected Gluckstein Lawyers.

Bernard Gluckstein

For more than six decades, Bernard Gluckstein, founder of Gluckstein Lawyers, has been one of the most prominent personal injury lawyers in all of Canada, thanks in large part not only to the tremendous success of his law firm but his valued humanitarian efforts as well.

Bernard is well known for generously volunteering his time with personal injury victims as well as those who were born with disabilities. He continues to provide support to many non-profit organizations across Ontario on disability rights, including ParaSport Ontario, an organization devoted to helping those with long term disabilities to live out their dreams through sport.

Charles E. Gluckstein

Charles E. Gluckstein is the owner and managing partner of Gluckstein Lawyers and has guided the firm to become a leader in Personal Injury in Canada. He frequently lectures at conferences for legal organizations, both locally and internationally, on all topics of personal injury as well as the modernization of the profession using technology. Charles also acts as an advocate to assist other lawyers in understanding and embracing legal technology and related strategies.

“The most rewarding thing about being a lawyer is helping restore dignity to victims who have lost almost everything and continue to connect with them through their recovery and rehabilitation journey.” -C.G.

Richard Halpern

Richard Halpern is a senior lawyer acting exclusively for injured people in medical negligence cases, with a special focus on infants injured at or around the time of birth. Richard is known across Canada for his expertise in birth injury cases and for tackling some of the most complex and challenging medical malpractice cases. He has lectured and written extensively on matters concerned with obstetrics, the cause of newborn injury, medical malpractice cases more generally, evidentiary issues, causation at law, and legal and trial strategies.

“Medical malpractice litigation is challenging but rewarding, especially so in birth injury cases. Your client often has a lifetime of disability, which makes it that much more meaningful to advocate on their behalf.” -R.H.

David Lackman

David Lackman is a senior counsel whose practice now extends over 35 years, encompassing serious and complex personal injury claims, disability claims, and wrongful death claims. David has achieved outstanding results against some of the country’s largest corporations and serves as a mentor within the firm. He has authored many legal articles outlining his extensive expertise in personal injury law.

"It is especially gratifying to be recognized within our profession for one’s practice accomplishments in the service of clients. The true award, however, is the profound gratitude expressed by injured clients for the difference we make in their lives.” - D.L.

Steve Rastin

Steve Rastin is senior counsel with over 30 years of experience. Steve is dedicated to helping injured victims recover after suffering an injury and is an advocate for his clients, taking the time to listen to their concerns. Steve represents seriously injured and wronged people with a focus on motor vehicle litigation, disability law, medical negligence and birth trauma cases, and class action / mass tort proceedings.

“I have tried to build up my reputation by never being afraid to take on a challenge and to stand up for what is right. I work hard alongside my team to repeatedly change the landscape of the law by earning precedent-setting legal decisions that benefit not only my own clients, but injured people across Ontario” -S.R.

Derek Nicholson

Derek Nicholson has been one of Ottawa’s leading Civil Trial Lawyers since 1980. In the last forty years, he has focused on Personal Injury work, specifically for Catastrophic Injury victims, including those affected by traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and multiple injuries.

“My approach and focus are on helping injured victims recover, and as a lawyer I have guided hundreds of plaintiffs through recovery by assisting in maximizing rehabilitation benefits and supporting victims to restructure their lives.” -D.N.

Simona Jellinek

Simona Jellinek is one of Canada’s most experienced and successful lawyers in the complex and unique area of sexual abuse and assault litigation. Her experience in the area allows her to provide effective legal advice with knowledge and compassion. She has dedicated her life to helping survivors of sexual trauma in their journey towards healing.

“Helping those most vulnerable in society has been my life’s work and being recognized in Best Lawyers for this work is a true honour.” -S.J.

Erin Ellis

Erin Ellis is an experienced civil litigator with over a decade of experience advocating on behalf of victims of sexual assault and survivors of sexual abuse. She represents plaintiffs across Canada, demanding acknowledgment and compensation for the harms perpetrated or facilitated by individuals and institutions, including abuse by teachers, coaches, relatives, foster parents, doctors, and clergy. Erin continues pushing for positive and impactful changes in the legal system and our society more broadly.

”Although the work can be quite challenging, I am inspired by the survivors I advocate for as a civil sexual abuse lawyer.” - E.E.

Jan Marin

Jan Marin is a senior associate whose practice focuses on professional negligence matters with a particular interest in medical malpractice and sexual assault litigation. She is a passionate and dedicated advocate for her clients and their families. Jan is a current member of the Board of Directors of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA). She is involved in their Interventions Committee, Litigator Editorial Board, Moot Organization Committee, and the Practice Direction Committee. She is an active writer and contributor to the Litigator Magazine, OTLA Blog and Medical Malpractice Newsletter. She has acted as the chair of various OTLA sections, including the Medical Malpractice, New Lawyers, and Women's sections.

“Being selected by industry peers for inclusion in Best Lawyers is an honour. Having others in the industry express respect is a privilege.” -J.M.

Thank you for your continued support

It is an honour to have representatives of our firm once again acknowledged for their dedication to our clients, their families, and the communities we serve.


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