Gluckstein Lawyers Welcomes Richard Halpern

Welcome Richard Halpern

“Together we make a difference” - Richard Halpern

We are delighted to welcome Richard Halpern as Counsel to the Gluckstein Lawyers Medical Malpractice Group. Richard brings over 30 years of experience, dedication and integrity in representing injured people in medical malpractice claims, with particular emphasis on birth injury cases. Richard’s extensive knowledge, passion and reputation in medical malpractice cases fits ideally with our focus on the highest standards of advocacy promoted at Gluckstein Lawyers. With Richard as a key member of our team, Gluckstein Lawyers will continue to provide the representation each client needs in these complex and challenging cases. If you have questions regarding your child’s birth, diagnosis, or care after they’re born, or perhaps you have questions about something that may have happened prior to their birth, we are here to help.

Contact us for a free consultation today. Referrals respected. We welcome the opportunity to co-counsel throughout Canada.


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