What can I do if I have been denied long term disability insurance?

Long term disability, also referred to as 'LTD' insurance is used when you can no longer work due to an unexpected accident or illness that has left you permanently disabled. This insurance can replace between 60% - 70% of your lost income and can be obtained through either your employer's insurance plan or life or health insurance agency. Every disability plan is different so the length of time you have available for receiving long term disability benefits will vary. Generally, you are able to received LTD benefits past two years, only if you are unable to work," at any job. You may be required to partake in rehabilitation programs that assist in getting you back to work. LTD insurance normally begins when the following benefits have ended;

  • Employment Insurance benefits
  • Sick leave benefits
  • Short-term disability insurance

When you apply for long term disability while on the benefits described above, the insurance company begins their assessment process by reviewing your medical records. If you are reading this blog post, there is a good chance that you have been denied your long term disability benefits. You are probably confused as to why you were denied and what you should do next. There are several reasons, according to the insurance companies, that this may have occurred. What are the most common reasons for a disability claim to be denied?

  • Your disability is considered a 'pre-existing condition'
  • Your disability fails to meet the definition of 'disability' according to medical professionals
  • The documentation you submitted to the insurance company is missing information
  • You have not followed the treatment plans set out during the rehabilitation process
  • You have not met the length of employment that is required according to your policy
  • The insurance company has hired an investigator to watch your daily activities and their evidence is contrary to what you have declared on your application

What are my next steps after being denied?

1) Once you receive your denial letter in the mail, call a lawyer to review your documentation.

2) A lawyer will then let you know if you should either start an appeal process or commence a lawsuit right away. Gluckstein Lawyers is experienced in handling long term disability denials. If you have been denied your long term disability claim, set up a consultation through our  web form. We are here to help!


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