What to Expect from your First Meeting

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At Gluckstein Lawyers, we understand the hardship that accident victims go through and we strive to make your time of discomfort as short as possible. Our experienced team of lawyers is well-versed not only in handling actual claims but we also have the time, patience and commitment that is needed to get through the process.

We encourage you to peruse our blog posts which range from precautionary measures to our constant growth as a firm. It is updated regularly to keep you abreast of information that will help you be more knowledgeable about many different situations.

What you can expect from us

For some, meeting with a lawyer may be intimidating. Here at Gluckstein Lawyers, we empathize with and extend a warm welcome to all our potential and existing clients. Our job is to help you overcome your unfortunate circumstance in a timely and efficient manner so that you can get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Here are a few topics that may be addressed in your first free consultation

  • We will need to know whether or not you have spoken to or been interviewed by anyone (this can affect you case negatively, that is why we recommend speaking to your lawyer before anyone else).
  • We will need to ascertain the type of insurance coverage you currently have.
  • Based on the severity of the accident, we may encourage you to seek medical advice for any lingering physical issues (the defendant can choose to argue the seriousness of your injuries if a doctor is avoided).
  • A signed release may be required so that we can obtain medical records on your behalf.
  • We discuss whether or not we can represent you. This can be influenced by many factors, ranging from what our specialties are to possible conflicts involving other parties associated with your case. We will never take on your case unless we are absolutely sure that we can offer you the very best representation possible.
  • We can give you an idea of what the next steps are and what to expect. Based on our experience we can offer you updates and an idea of the time it usually takes to go through the entire process.

Providing the best service is our top priority and we understand that the entire process may be daunting.

Allow us to help you through this trying time and get you the full compensation you deserve.


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