Winter Weather Driving Safety Tips

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When Environment Canada issues a winter freezing rain or snowfall warning, being prepared ensures a safe drive home. Throughout the winter season, these safety tips will help you take wise precautions and stay safe on the roads.


Winter Safety Driving Tips

1. Prepare your vehicle. Check your vehicle for basic winter maintenance:

  • top up your washer fluid;
  • check your battery condition;
  • store emergency items such as a scraper, small shovel, and flashlight.

Before you head out each day,

  • clear all car windows, mirrors, and roof of snow and frost.

2. Be alert and anticipate!

When conditions are dangerous and visibility is low,

  • be wary;
  • be more watchful than usual;
  • anticipate your next move;
  • anticipate what other drivers may do around you.

3.  Make alternate arrangements - take the train!

When roads are dangerous or the forecast is warning of an impending snowstorm, cancel or delay unnecessary trips if possible or make alternate arrangements such as taking the subway or train.

4.  Winter tires are a wise investment.

While all-season tires harden up like hockey pucks when the weather turns cold, winter tires are designed to stay supple in temperatures well below freezing. This translates to better breaking and gripping on snowy, icy roads.

5.  Be a responsible driver.

Manoeuvering in winter is much more challenging than in summer.

  • Drive slower.
  • Don't tailgate.
  • Always leave yourself more time and space to slow down and turn.
  • Avoid sudden manoeuvre as much as possible.
  • If you have anti-lock brakes, apply constant pressure rather than pump the breaks - the system will do the rest.

6.  Complete control, not cruise control.

  • Unless roads are dry, it's best not to set the cruise control.
  • Under icy, snowy or wet conditions, you want to have complete control of the car rather than allow the system to automatically accelerate.

Gluckstein Lawyers is a strong supporter of injury prevention and wishes everyone a safe winter season.


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