Work-Life Balance and Compassion Fatigue

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A recent article was posted on the 680 News website concerning work-life balance. More than a third of Canadians spend 10 or more hours a day at work and commuting to and from the job.

How many hours are the rest of us spending on the job, and getting to the job? What about those who are care-givers, doctors, health-care professionals, social workers.... Where does balance fit in? Can it fit in? This brings us to the subject of compassion fatigue. Sometimes, we have to put ourselves first! Sometimes, we have to learn to use the word "no" and discover our own boundaries.

Compassion Fatigue Seminar

Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers LLP is preparing for the annual Toronto Compassion Fatigue Seminar which is fast approaching on October 29, 2010. Our firm is dedicated to creating awareness and promoting strategies by putting on seminars concerning compassion fatigue.

The 2010 seminar will feature Dr. Gabor Mate, a physician, author, seminar leader and public speaker and Francoise Mathieu, a certified mental health counsellor and compassion fatigue specialist.


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