Young Adults Feel Unsafe Driving After Cannabis Consumption

2018.11 young adults driving cannabis
There have been various reports on the dangers of driving under the influence of cannabis to prepare Canadians for the newly legislated Cannabis Act. According to the Canadian Automobile Association, young adults are a demographic that law enforcement is concerned about. The concern is that this age group may be misinformed about the effects of consuming cannabis before driving, leaving themselves open to a greater risk of accidents and injuries while out on the road. Young Drivers and the Effects Of Cannabis Consumption A new study out of McGill University sheds more light on the dangers of cannabis consumption and its effects on young adults. The study observed the effects on young drivers - ages 18 to 24 - while driving under the influence of cannabis. Up to 80% of the participants admitted they felt it would be unsafe to drive, up to five hours after cannabis consumption. The study also showed that cannabis had little effect on a young driver's ability to apply the brake or to maintain a consistent speed. However, as soon as road conditions changed, the substance did impair a young driver's ability to identify or react to distractions or altered conditions on the road. Accidents Can Happen Under Any Circumstances Drivers cannot predict when an accident is going to happen. Even quiet, residential streets can be the site of an accident if a driver is unable to react to an object or person suddenly darting out onto the road. The best thing for drivers of any age to do is to be informed of the dangers of driving while under the influence of marijuana. If you have questions about injuries caused by a motor vehicle collision, consult a personal injury lawyer.   Comments We would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts about car accidents in "Leave a Comment" found below. Links >> What You Need to Know About Cannabis Legalization Sources:  


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