After a very serious car accident whereby the Defendant was fully liable and charge accordingly, I, unfortunately, was left permanently walking in the shadow of the employable Woman/Mother/Sister/Aunt/Cousin and Friend I once was. Treatment is life-long. Working again is a foreign concept and resuming life as I once knew it is not an option. In summary, it’s surreal!

I was in dire need of Justice, Direction and Protection! I was referred to Mr. Derek Nicholson. He listened diligently, reviewed materials, asked questions and thankfully took on my case. He then formed an incredible team (his assistant Donna Bradbury, his associate Jessica McClay and law student Sujit Nirman) and went to war on my behalf, fighting for Justice!  Justice was served!

Mr. Nicholson is a tough, unpredictable, professional; a man of his word and a mentor. It’s these qualities in a lawyer I suggest you look for when seeking legal representation. It’s what has made Mr. Nicholson a successful leader in the industry!

Thank all of you for doing what you do best!!! And, for making a difference!