The Yu Family

At Gluckstein Lawyers, we are proud and honoured to be considered one of Canada’s most prominent personal injury law firms. We believe a part of our success is attributed not only to our honest reputation and expertise but our commitment to full-circle care. Offering clients full-circle care means support at every stage of their journey to those who walk through our door. We know that our time working directly with clients in settlement negotiations or the courtroom is only a brief period on their long road to recovery. To be effective advocates, we always keep our mind on the other stages of that journey and how we might be there to support them.

It is our privilege to be a part of Yu Family's Story. Thank you for allowing us to assist you.

This is their story:

"Dear Mr. Charles Gluckstein, Miss Jane Lou and Team Gluckstein:

We are parents of Fangshu Yu, a party you have represented. Fangshu Yu went to Toronto, Canada in 2016 and started her studies at the University of Toronto. In May 2018, the rental house where she was living had a fire, the house was burnt out completely and Fangshu’s body also sustained serious injuries.

We were lucky to retain Gluckstein Law Firm to handle the compensation, through the litigation journey, we got to know Jane Lou, who was able to use her comprehensive knowledge to clearly explain the procedure and how the process would be while fighting for our compensation professionally. Along the way, she also offered our daughter (the one who involved in the incident) tremendous support, encouragement and comfort.

In the course of handling the case, Jane Lou worked so hard to coordinate each and every one involved, no matter how tiny the matter was, she would make sure it had been taken care of by her, personally. We are very impressed by her outstanding professionalism, efficient work and excellent client service, especially her work ethic to always put client first. Recently our case has been concluded, because of her effort, the result is far beyond our expectation, we are extremely thankful to Charles Gluckstein, Jane Lou and their legal team.

We sincerely wish Jane Lou and Gluckstein Law Firm all the very best and a booming business!

- Fangshu Yu, Xufeng Yu (father) and Xuefeng Zhu (mother)"