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16th Annual “Focus on Trauma” Conference

On Thursday, September 26th, 2019, the Critical Care and Acute Medicine Program, along with the Neurosciences and Trauma Program of Hamilton Health Sciences will be hosting the 16th Annual “Focus on Trauma” Conference to be held at Winona Vine Estates Banquet Centre.


The Goal

This year’s program includes topics such as Mass Casualty, Medical Marijuana, Orthopedic Injury and Thrombosis, and Pediatric Trauma care. The aim of this conference is to further educate and enlighten others on the causes, side-affects and treatments for all forms of trauma. This research allows for those suffering from trauma to facilitate the best quality of life possible. 

See Agenda for more details.


Gluckstein Lawyers’ Participation:  Sponsor 

Gluckstein is a proud sponsor of this event. We are committed to supporting all events and causes which encourage education and further learning in the medical field and beyond. The more we understand our community and the difficulties they deal with, the better we can support and uplift one another. 


To Learn More, Please Visit the Official Website

If you are interested in registering or learning more about The 16th Annual “Focus on Trauma”, please visit their website.