King Clancy Award

TORONTO — Bernard Gluckstein is Canada's 1st Personal Injury Lawyer to receive the prestigious King Clancy Humanitarian Award. l Full Story l

THE KING CLANCY AWARD was established in 1986 by the Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons (CFPDP) to commemorate the contributions of King Clancy as an inspirational humanitarian. The Award is presented to distinguished Canadians who have made significant contributions in assisting disabled citizens to achieve a more rewarding lifestyle.

Messages of Congratulations

"you are a true inspiration"

  • I am very proud of my father for being recognized for this great honour. Over my life I have seen first hand how my father has been involved in bettering other peoples lives so they can maximize their independence and enjoyment of life. My father has demonstrated his passion in helping others not just in his work as a lawyer but also in the charitable work he does for brain injury groups and spinal cord injury groups. Further through photography my father has captured athletes with disability celebrating life and their passion to succeed at all levels of sport. Dad: you are a true inspiration for all of us to learn and model in the future. - Charles Gluckstein
  • Congratulations on your being named the latest recipient of the King Clancy Humanitarian Award. I can't think of many tributes that would equal one for public service such as this. And you're now in the company of a select few outstanding Canadians. Well earned. Major Congratulations! - David B. Posen, M.D.
  • Dear Bernie: My sincere congratulations on receiving this prestigious award. I understand, from personal experience, how much you deserve this award. Congratulations, Vev Kline

"thank you for saving my life"

  • My heart is with you! Thank you for saving my life. I would not be here today with my wife, 2 daughters and son on the way:) I will never be able to repay you and your team for what you have all done for me. It's been a few years but I will never forget you all! Some times I think I will never forget the bad memories of my accident; but, then I remember the wonderful people at your firm and the wonderful people still in my life because I'm alive. I have been through a lot since my accident that has left me paralyzed and unable to do most of my daily routine. But that's nothing - I have my family and I had you to get me here! Please all of you, give your family a hug and pretend it's from my children, feel the warmth and happiness it will bring. Don't stop what you are doing and keep going forward. In God's eyes, you are the keeper of faith, you bring so much to so many lives you might not ever know. God bless you all! Thank you very much! - Eric Essex

"a tremendous mentor, teacher, colleague and friend for 20 years"

  • Congratulations! I watched the video clip with your remarks at the dinner Saturday evening. I truly wish I could have been there to congratulate you personally and to say thank you for all you have done for SCI Ontario. It always been an honor and a privilege working with you, you have been a tremendous mentor, teacher, colleague and friend over the past 20 years. Your contributions to the success of SCI Ontario go well beyond your generous financial contributions, as your volunteer time and wise counsel has been and continue to be an important source of guidance for SCI Ontario. Kind regards, - Bill Adair, SCI Ontario Director

"a warm heart and intrinsic desire to help others "

  • Dear Mr. Gluckstein, Please accept my most heartfelt congratulations for winning the prestigious King Clancy Humanitarian award! Along with my congratulations, I would like to say thank you for contributing your valuable time and wisdom to benefit disabled Canadians. I have known you for the last five years and from my firsthand experience I know that you truly have a warm heart and an intrinsic desire to help others. All the best! - Vivek Gupta
  • Bernie, please accept my congratulations on this significant honour. Well deserved. - Gavin MacKenzie, Partner, DAVIS LLP
  • Congratulations! It is easy as we rush about to forget there are many who don't have our freedom to do so and your good work helps change that. The award helps us remember how lucky we are to be able to help. - Edward Sorbara

"an advocate of your calibre"

  • Bernie, I was reading the Ontario Reports on the weekend and I came across the announcement that you are the first lawyer to receive the King Clancy Award for humanitarianism and for assisting disabled citizens. This is very well-deserved and a great honour, and you have joined the ranks of some very prestigious Canadians who have also been given this honour- the amazing Terry Fox being just one. On behalf of Seanna, Denise Lo, myself and the rest of the team here at the Foundation, do accept our most sincere expressions of congratulations on being recognized for the great work you have done assisting people who truly deserve and benefit from an advocate of your calibre. We are proud of your accomplishment. - Heather Mills, Manager, Corporate Partnerships, SickKids Foundation
  • Dear Bernie... CONGRATULATIONS!!!! HUGS from ME (and Pierre, too) to one of my very favourite people. Your unending support, your special kind of caring, your generous spirit, your smile, your words, your hugs (I never miss getting from you - and Charles now too)... the wonderful staff you have, the people that you share your life with and you share with us... Life with brain injury is difficult, both for the survivor and their family, but through the work you do with the vast network of legal experts, medical professionals, research professionals, support agencies and their programs throughout Ontario... we (as brain injury survivors) can see the sunshine and are able to climb the upward steps on the ladder of life. I'm very happy for you - Mary Lou Dalaire
  • Congratulations Bernie - You are so deserving of this of this humanitarian award as an inherently generous person who has done so much work to improve the lives of other people. This is evidenced not only through receiving this award but through all of your interactions! I very much respect what you do and how you treat others! - Sarah Palmer

"you walk the talk"

  • Congratulations, Bernie. As a card-carrying member and advocate of the disability community, it's been a privilege for me to see firsthand all that you have done for our community, particularly those with spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury... and Paralympic athletes. What has impressed me most has been your passion to make a difference, and always respecting the integrity of those you help. And seeing how you yourself delight in the achievements and abilities of people with disabilities is really special. And you walk the talk - I'll never forget the sight of you, your clothes sweat-drenched, slugging your heavy camera equipment across the playing field in the 100 degree Atlanta heat with a smile across your face a country-mile wide. You did indeed "get the shot" that spoke volumes about the character and ability of the Paralympic athlete. - Jeff Tiessen, Disability Today Network
  • Hi Bernie, I just looked up the King Clancy Award. You certainly are the right person to be recognized. I'm looking forward to shaking your hand. - William J. McCorriston
  • Congratulations on your upcoming presentation with the well deserved King Clancy Award! Couldn't happen to a better mensch! - Warm regards, Adriano & Tina Persi

"you have always been highly regarded as a leader in your field"

  • Bernie, Congratulations on receiving The King Clancy Award ! There is no doubt that you are deserving of this honor. You have been involved in assisting disabled people all your career. You and I are about the same vintage. We had a number of cases where we were on the opposite sides and as I reflect on those days, I can tell you that it was always nice to have you as an "opponent ". You were courteous and fair and we always found a way to settle our cases. You have always been highly regarded as a leader in your field. I wish you continued success. - Brian H. Wheatley, Q.C.
  • Bernie, I saw the announcement in Ontario Reports about your receiving the King Clancy Award. Congratulations! I had always assumed you were simply a prince and now I find out that you are a king. All the best. - Gary Siskind, OWENS, WRIGHT LLP
  • Bernie, Congratulations on your King Clancy humanitarian award with CFPDP. I am fortunate to have grown to know you over the last 20+ years. This award is truly inspirational and something of which to be proud. - Best Regards, Richard Lax
  • Congratulations, Bernie, on the King Clancy Award! That is amazing! You really deserve it as you have helped so many people with disabilities during your career. Many thanks for all you do! - Lynn Mineque, SCI Ontario

"outstanding accomplishments"

  • Bernie, I just received Charles' message and have to say... there isn't a more deserving recipient. Congratulations to you and your family. In addition to the list of distinguished past honorees that Charles so aptly mentioned in his congratulatory message, I think it fitting to also mention exactly what this award represents in terms of the personal character of its namesake: "The King Clancy Award is presented to distinguished Canadians who have made significant contributions in assisting disabled citizens to achieve a more rewarding lifestyle. The Award was established in November, 1986 by the Canadian Foundation for Disabled Persons to commemorate the contributions of King Clancy as an inspirational humanitarian. "This King, this All-Star," said Monsignor Kenneth Robitaille", is very precious in our eyes -- an inspiration and an encouragement. Persons like Francis Michael Clancy are not very common, so when we find them let us not neglect to honour them ... this was a man!" The Award recognizes individuals whose outstanding accomplishments have helped to increase public awareness about the potential of disabled people. Through their efforts, these individuals have inspired others to become active and contributing members of society." I know I speak for all in saying we could not be more proud of you, Bernie! - David Lackman
  • Congratulations from Jon, Julian and me (Juliet). Bless you all, for the kind hard work and care you put in for your clients and after.... - Juliet Mesquita
  • I am very proud of you, Bernie. They certainly picked the right guy. - Reggie Adelman
  • Bernie, well done. Congrats to you - Paul

"significant contributions in assisting disabled citizens achieve their full potential"

  • Dear Mr. Gluckstein: It has come to my attention that, recently, you were a recipient of a very prestigious award. On behalf of Thorold City Council and community members, I would like to offer my deepest congratulations on your receipt of the King Clancy Award recognizing your significant contributions in assisting disabled citizens to achieve their full potential. Philanthropists, such as you, make this world a better place, improving the lives of those who face significant challenges in day to day living. Thank you for your continued involvement in championing activities which promote the abilities of disadvantaged individuals and raise awareness in our communities. - Yours truly, A.T. (Ted) Luciani, Mayor, City of Thorold
  • Congratulations Bernie, What a great achievement and so well deserved. You have worked hard your whole career to champion the cause for those with disabilities and through your efforts touched so many lives. - Jackie Yates Cohen
  • Congratulations, Bernie. This is a wonderful tribute to your work advocating for disabled persons. All the best, - Connie Reeve
  • Bernard, We have not met but I know you deserve great success with winning this award. You have showed great leadership in running your company as well as teaching your Son and associates to follow in your foot steps. This award is such awarding accomplishment. May you enjoy and hold your head up high for receiving such an award. All the Best, - Gerry, Karen, Brent, and Derek Lockman
  • Bernie, This is much deserved as I see the Gluckstein name in many hospitals acknowledging you and your firm's contributions. Your leadership in this area is to be commended and the award is richly deserved. Well done. - Tom Di Giacomo
  • Mazel Tov to you, Bernie - Liz
  • Hi Bernie, It's Sue, RN from ER at Sunnybrook. So happy for you. You do great work and this is evidence!! Not like you needed it, you have helped many and always have a smile. So wonderful for you. - Sue

"lifelong passion in seeking early intervention and treatment for his injured clients"

  • Bernie has very many talents including grandfathering; wine tasting expertise; golfer extraordinaire; and potentially a scratch golfer if he stuck to his normal swing; garage sale picker; among others. But none of those skills compare to his lifelong passion in seeking early intervention and treatment for the rehabilitation of his injured clients. Lawyers seldom are seen as saviors but the exception is the award this year and to a very deserving individual. - Richard Sigal
  • Congratulations from a friend and fellow skier in Ottawa !!!! - Derek Nicholson
  • Nobody is more deserving.......... - Ted Scharien
  • Congratulations, Bernie. No one more deserving than you. - Robert Yufe
  • BERNIE see you on the 8th. I have been going to the Gala since 1990. Guess this will be my 24th year. How times flies. Up next for you, TERRY FOX AWARD now called the CANADIAN DISABILITY HALL of FAME - Frank Bruno

"your dedication to humanitarian work"

  • Congratulations, Bernard, for being the 2014 recipient of the King Clancy Award. Your dedication to humanitarian work and contributions to assisting disabled persons to achieve a more rewarding lifestyle through your work and volunteer activities has been appreciated by many. Thank you for all you have done to make this country a better place for all to live and be successful. - Betty Ann Schnurr
  • As CEO of Rehabilitation Network Canada Inc., as well as professionally and on a personal note, I am delighted to pass along congratulations to Bernie as the recipient of the King Clancy Award. Bernie has served as a shiny and caring example of our differently able population whom we are privileged to be called upon to serve and support. - Frank Martino
  • I am so proud of you and very grateful for the work you do for the disabled. My daughter, Susie, is a beneficiary of your good work and those that follow your lead. Mazel tov Bern and may you continue your work for many, many years to come. With gratitude and love - Stan Fisher
  • Bernie, sending you a note to once again congratulate you on your King Clancy Award. I feel proud as a lawyer to have shared the stage with one of my own. That made it even more special. Well done! All the best to you and your wife. - Kenneth Fredeen
  • I am delighted to share with you that Bernie has received the prestigious King Clancy Award to honor his dedication to helping Ontarians rebuild their lives after sustaining a catastrophic injury. He has been recognized for his professional work, as well as his volunteer work, much of which has been devoted to SCI Ontario. We have posted a video on our website containing comments from Bernie upon receiving the King Clancy Award from the Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons last Saturday evening. Please join with SCI Ontario staff and volunteers in congratulating Bernie on this outstanding recognition! - Bill Adair, SCI Ontario Board of Directors
  • Congrats, Bernie, Am I surprised that you won the King Clancy Humanitarian Award? Absolutely not. Your thoughtfulness, kindness, humour, unrelenting passion for the disabled has been shown time and time again. The Award is very well deserved. Besides anyone that can cut a rug the way you do shows anything and everything is possible. - Julie Wilson
  • Congratulations! Well deserved! - Deborah Anschell
  • Hi Bernie: We just had a wonderful few minutes watching your award and listening to your wonderful speech. Who knew you were such an eloquent speaker? Mazel Tov for being the recipient of such a prestigious award. It is so nice to have you as a friend for oh so many years. You are the epitome of what a fine lawyer and community volunteer should be. Yasher Koach - Patti & Jerry Starr
  • Hi Bernie, Congratulations on receiving your award. I would like to do an article on this for our next issue of Outspoken Magazine. - Bev Jenkins
  • Hello Bernard, Congratulations on your award! It's nice to know that there are people like you looking after people who may not be able to fight on their own. You care and make a heartfelt difference in the lives of many.
    Thanks for caring - Shelley M. Johnson
  • Congratulations! - Tina Chadda, MD, FRCPC