Gluckstein Events

We strive to ensure we are enhancing our understanding, compassion and commitment to those we serve. We continually support causes that we feel make a difference in the lives of those touched by Personal Injury.


King Clancy Humanitarian Award

"I am very flattered and humbled to be chosen for this award.
It is the highlight of my legal career."

In February 2014, Bernard Gluckstein became the first Personal Injury lawyer in Canada to be honoured with the prestigious King Clancy Humanitarian Award. This prestigious award is presented to Canadians who have made significant contributions in assisting disabled citizens to achieve a more rewarding lifestyle.


Compassion Fatigue Seminars

Educating the "helping" professionals

Seminars effectively address workplace stresses, and provide resources and information that allow one to recover from their harmful effects. With our exceptional presenters and relevant topics and exercises, we are able to reach this goal and ensure attendees feel renewed and invigorated as they are better armed with an understanding of compassion fatigue and coping tools to deal with this condition they can face daily in the workplace.

Eat Well Live Well

Empowering individuals through nutrition

We are proud to sponsor this first-of-its-kind nutrition guide. This 268-page practical, and comprehensive guide addresses the specific needs of individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) and other neurological disorders. The Gluckstein Blog features highlights from this guide — perfect for SCI individuals, their families, friends, caregivers, health and medical professionals.


Gluckstein Performance Driving Gift Experiences

Celebrating those who have triumphed over adversity!

First-of-its-kind: On July 2, 2014, sight and mobility-challenged gift recipients received a performance driving experience in a world class race car, at Old MOSPORT, a world class race track! Thrilled participants included Ontario residents living with acquired brain injury (ABI), spinal cord injury (SCI), neurological disorders or visual impairment.

Journalist, Jim Robinson of wrote: "One magical moment... may have just opened a whole new world to people with disabilities. Not just in Ontario, but around the world."


Hospital Trauma Care Patient Lounges

Enhancing the healing experience for patients, their families and staff

"It is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community," states Charles Gluckstein. "We look forward to opportunities in sponsoring other initiatives at hospitals that are involved in providing trauma care to the residents of Ontario. Our commitment in helping is ongoing."